… ZOOMs together

Beth here…. We just had a wonderful afternoon of family stencil painting together via ZOOM! Anna & McKenzie McDonough in Naples and Grandma (Ruthie) in Ormond Beach. Because if you can’t be together, why not ZOOM together! Anna loves the sunset color scheme, so as her background she blended yellow & orange & red onto her canvas. McKenzie choose a background to match her sitting … Continue reading … ZOOMs together

… marbles together

Beth here… During what we’re calling Camp Grandma, we did marbling. It was on our list of crafts for the week, and all week I envisioned using actual marbles, but mom set me straight. It’s a technique that results in a marbling pattern on paper. We first filled a shallow pan (9×13) with a special thickened marbling solution. And after dropping special paint onto the … Continue reading … marbles together