… ZOOMs together

Beth here…. We just had a wonderful afternoon of family stencil painting together via ZOOM! Anna & McKenzie McDonough in Naples and Grandma (Ruthie) in Ormond Beach. Because if you can’t be together, why not ZOOM together!

Anna loves the sunset color scheme, so as her background she blended yellow & orange & red onto her canvas. McKenzie choose a background to match her sitting fairy stencil. Mom guided us through how to blend the colors using a DRY brush. She was the instructor & I was the hands helping on our end.

After speeding up the drying process with hairdryers, we taped the stencils down with painter’s tape. Then using a firm paintbrush, an up-and-down dabbing motion, and just a touch of good thick paint, we stenciled on our designs.

Anna’s favorite animal is a panda.
McKenzie’s grass was achieved by using a very wide dry brush while the teal green paint was still partly wet.
Grandma’s hot air balloon stencil shown on FaceTime because the 40-minute zoom session was not long enough.

Now, let’s do a big family zoom sometime just for fun. Who’s in?

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