… marbles together

Beth here… During what we’re calling Camp Grandma, we did marbling. It was on our list of crafts for the week, and all week I envisioned using actual marbles, but mom set me straight. It’s a technique that results in a marbling pattern on paper. We first filled a shallow pan (9×13) with a special thickened marbling solution. And after dropping special paint onto the solution and placing a paper on top for a few seconds, it left a one-of-a-kind marbled pattern. Additional patterns can be created by running a fork or other end of a paint brush through the paint before dipping the paper in. Or if the paint drops are left alone, a bubble pattern is created. This is one of those things that once you start, it’s hard to stop. Mom, Anna, and I each said “I’m done” at least three times before returning to the dish for “just one more.” In the end, we cleared and filled three tables (and a board on the floor) with drying marbling pages!

Anna designing a marbling pattern
Ruth, Anna, & McKenzie marbling together

After we returned home, we created note cards with the marbled paper!

Thanks, mom, for teaching us this fun new craft!

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