…gets messy together

If anyone saw our hands, feet and even faces you’d see that we’ve been having some fun with paint. We’ve tackled a few projects this week.

The first of course is more summer tie dying. The girls found more shirts, socks & even underwear to tie dye.

Working on their patterns
Proud of their finished products

We had left over dye so we decided to try our hand at spray dyed towels. We got the idea from this blog post…..http://blog.learningresources.com/end-of-summer-tie-dye-beach-towels/

First we started with taping down their name design with duck tape.

Here’s Adeline’s
Estelle decided to do her initials in a “monogram” …EBM – Estelle Marie Bethea

Next came the fun part- spraying the dye on the towels.

Unfortunately, right after this picture was taken, our spray bottle broke so we were left to improvise. The girls decided to finish with just the regular squirt bottles of dye for a more splattered, messy look.

Bea admiring Estelle’s

The BIG reveal……

They turned out better than we thought they would, but we’re planning on trying another round of the towels with working spray bottles.

One last paint project this week was mine. Estelle’s getting a new big girl room. She chose light blue walls with an accent wall that’s a black & white cheetah print. Lots of fun to stencil on. It’s coming along 😊

……and now after all these messy projects I get to look at these cute tootsies. 😍 Estelle tells everyone that “a rainbow exploded on her feet!” 🌈

Estelle’s cute rainbow tootsies

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