…..sings together

My family sings. Some of my earliest memories involve singing in Sunday school, on long car trips, at home and really just anywhere we happened to be. My brother’s favorites were the silly gross songs (“the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out…..” )…my older sister loved singing along with Elvis and Ricky Nelson and Edith Piaf. Ruthie and I most enjoyed the Beatles and hymns. Youngest brother sang in a Barbershop Quartet. Any and all music was and IS a huge part of my life.

So when I started sketching and creating a nature journal, songs came to mind with almost every scene I drew.

All God’s Critters got a place in the choir
All God’s Critters HAD a place in the choir

I was weeding when I found a May beetle and a Black-and-Orange Coral Legged Fritillary heading toward each other. Of course, The Ugly Bug Ball, my favorite song from a Haley Mills movie, Summer Magic came to mind.

The Ugly Bug Ball!
For the Beauty of the Earth

I am so very glad I live on a large piece of land, where no one is annoyed by my singing as I walk, paint en plein air, marvel at all God’s beauty.

Keep a song in your heart and a paintbrush in your hand………….Kathy Lineberger

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