…stays together

The artist matriarch of our family is Betty Krausman. She has inspired her children, grandchildren and now great grandchildren to explore ART in all its forms.

This blog is dedicated to Betty Krausman.

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…falls together

We love fall here in Virginia! The leaves were vibrant this year, and we’ve had many warm days to enjoy them. Here are some of the recent projects we’ve done: Have a great autumn! Continue reading …falls together

…moths together

What a special treat we had, getting a virtual art lesson from Ruthie! The Warner boys, Kathy, and our friends the Quebe family learned how to make batik art. In honor of our upcoming Moth Ball, our subject was the Witch Moth! Ruthie showed us how to draw the moth with light-colored crayons, then distress… Continue reading …moths together

…radios together

Our community radio station, WQSV, put out the call for people to create sonic postcards. During this time when isolation is the norm, the sound of a human voice is reassuring. The station is filling the day with 1-minute messages from people of all walks of life about any subject they find interesting. The Warners… Continue reading …radios together