…falls together

We love fall here in Virginia! The leaves were vibrant this year, and we’ve had many warm days to enjoy them. Here are some of the recent projects we’ve done:

Thomas and Deena made a spider decoration for the front of our house out of garbage bags, a hula hoop, duct tape, spray paint, and rope. Shadow is supervising.
Halloween food by Kathy and Deena. Cheese log mummy. Deviled egg and olive spiders. Dough and pepperoni witch’s fingers.
Ecotherapy leaf art by Kathy and Daphne.
Leaf tea lights by Owen, Thomas, and Kathy.
Eyes of God by Owen, Thomas, and Deena. Our libraries provide craft kits when you check out books. They provided sticks, yarn, and instruction sheets for this project.
Owen’s “derpy turkey,” also from a library craft kit.

Have a great autumn!

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