…radios together

Our community radio station, WQSV, put out the call for people to create sonic postcards. During this time when isolation is the norm, the sound of a human voice is reassuring. The station is filling the day with 1-minute messages from people of all walks of life about any subject they find interesting.

The Warners jumped at the chance! We each wrote our own script. We made an appointment with the station. We recorded our spots and learned a bit about how the studio equipment works.

After the sonic postcards were complete, we recorded a few extra station and show identification spots. If you stream the station at wqsv.org, you just might hear us on the radio!

Owen and Thomas prepare to record
Check out that equipment! If you have a keen eye, you’ll see at least 3 posters designed by Deena on the walls.
¡Hola! Thomas teaches introductory Spanish.
Matt hams it up!

Deena talks about nature journaling:

Matt talks about interactive fiction:

Owen talks about the Cat Hub:

Thomas talks about Spanish:

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